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To get the best experience in Bishkek you need to book one of our local friendly tour guides. Who will be able to show you around, make you feel like a local. Whether you want to see the tourist sites or visit places off the beaten track and discover new experiences, then our Guides4me guide is there to make it happen.


bishkek tour guideUsman is 23 years old, LGBT friendly and speaks English, Urdu, Hindi and Russian.

He is currently studying medicine. He loves to keep active and enjoys badminton and the outdoors. Usman enjoys meeting new friends and using his language skills. He has a passion for adventure and he chose to be a tour guide to enhance his love for life. If you want a friendly guide who loves the outdoors, then Usman is your man.

Total cost for the guide services of Usman for one day (8 hours) = a booking fee of USD 25 via Paypal, debit / credit cards, bank transfer or Crypto Currency plus USD 70 in cash to Usman after his services. This makes a total of USD 95.

This excludes any transport, entrance fees or any food & beverage costs.

“Usman is a very friendly, educated and a reliable guy, we had a great day with him, we only wish we could have stayed longer.” – Bryan, Canada

About Bishkek

Bishkek, the capital city of Kyrgyzstan, is a hidden gem of Central Asia with a unique blend of traditional and modern cultures. Bishkek is a city that’s often overlooked by travellers. But those who do make the journey will be rewarded with an experience like no other.

This vibrant city is a fusion of the old and the new, where ancient traditions coexist with modern amenities. From its colourful bazaars to its towering Soviet-era monuments. Bishkek is a city that’s bursting with character and charm. So, pack your bags, and get ready to explore this hidden gem of a city!

Bishkek is home to many impressive landmarks and attractions, such as the Ala-Too Square, which is the main square in the city and houses the State Historical Museum. The Kyrgyzstan Philharmonic Hall is another popular attraction that features classical music performances.

For breathtaking views of the city, head to the top of the ZUM department store, where you can find a rooftop café. You can also take a cable car to the top of the nearby mountains for panoramic views of the surrounding landscape.

There are many activities to enjoy in Bishkek. Such as hiking in the nearby mountains, visiting the nearby Ala Archa National Park. Even taking a day trip to the nearby Burana Tower, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can also relax in one of the city’s many parks, like the Oak Park or Dubovy Park.

To experience the local culture, visit the Osh Bazaar. This is one of the largest and busiest markets in the city. You can find everything from fresh produce to souvenirs and clothing. You can also visit the Kyrgyz National Museum of Fine Arts to learn about traditional Kyrgyz art and culture.

Kyrgyzstan is known for its delicious and hearty cuisine, with dishes. Such as plov (a rice dish with meat and vegetables), lagman (noodle soup), and samsa (a baked pastry with meat or vegetables). Be sure to try these local specialties at one of the many restaurants or street vendors throughout the city.

Bishkek has a vibrant nightlife scene, with many bars and clubs scattered throughout the city. Some popular spots include Metro Pub, which has live music on weekends, and Coyote Ugly, a Western-style bar with a lively atmosphere. Although Kyrgyzstan is not the most LGBTQ friendly country in the world, Bishkek has a small but active gay community. There are a few bars and clubs that are known to be gay friendly, but it’s important to be discreet and respectful of local customs.

Our local guides in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan are dedicated to creating a customized tour just for you, tailored to your interests in culture, food, history, or shopping. We’ll take you on an extraordinary adventure off the beaten path to explore the authentic side of the city, away from the usual tourist crowds.

At Guides4me, your safety and satisfaction are our top priorities, ensuring a stress-free and unforgettable experience. Our guides are committed to providing exceptional and personalized service so that you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the best of Bishkek. Don’t settle for tourist traps; let Guides4me handle your trip and discover the true highlights of this fascinating city.

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