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For an unparalleled experience in Beijing, secure the services of our amiable local tour guides. They excel at guiding you through the city, immersing you in the local ambiance. Whether you’re inclined towards iconic tourist spots or off-the-beaten-path discoveries, our Guides4me guides are ready to transform your preferences into reality. Feel the city’s pulse and unravel unique experiences under their expert guidance.


beijing tour guideBelay is 29 years old, LGBT friendly and speaks English & is learning Chinese.

Hailing from the vibrant landscapes of Ethiopia and now immersed in the dynamic city of Beijing since 2022. Belay embodies a passion for embracing diverse cultures and cherishing connections with people from various backgrounds. Open-minded and respectful, he carries an ardent appreciation for the rich tapestry of humanity.

Belay, a sociable and easygoing individual, currently devotes his time to studies in Beijing. His journey has taken him to numerous provinces across China and not just Beiijing. Therefore providing him with a profound understanding of both mainstream attractions and hidden gems in Beijing. His love for exploration extends beyond academics, delving into the realms of running, football, badminton, hiking. As well as the rhythmic allure of music and dance.

What sets Belay apart is not just his list of hobbies but his genuine passion for travelling, unravelling the authentic local lifestyles from within. His heart beats in harmony with the diverse rhythms of the world. Therefore, making him not just a traveller but a spirited explorer of life’s vast tapestry. Please book this lively young guide if you are interested in exploring what Beijing has to offer.

Total cost for the guide services of Belay for a full day (8 hours) = a booking fee of USD 33 via Paypal, debit / credit cards, bank transfer or Crypto Currency plus USD 100 in cash to Belay after his services. This makes a total of USD 133.

This excludes any transport, entrance fees or any food & beverage costs.

“Belay was a brilliant guide, he arranged everything for us, transfers, all transportation, entrance tickets and we had a brilliant time with him, highly recommended” – Josh and Pete, Canada.

Our other destination in China is Shanghai.

Highlights of Beijing

Welcome to the bustling metropolis of Beijing, a city where history and modernity coexist in a harmonious dance. Begin your adventure by standing in awe of the iconic landmarks like the Forbidden City and the historic Tiananmen Square. Dive into the heart of the city’s rich history as you wander through the ancient alleyways of the Hutongs, offering a glimpse into traditional Beijing life. For a mesmerizing panoramic view, make your way to the historic Jingshan Park and witness the Forbidden City unfold below.

Food enthusiasts, get ready for a culinary expedition that will tantalize your taste buds. Beijing is a gastronomic paradise, with its aromatic street food stalls, lively night markets, and traditional tea houses. Don’t miss the chance to savour Peking duck, a local delicacy that’s both flavourful and theatrically served. Explore the vibrant Wangfujing Snack Street, where you can sample an array of local delights, from candied fruits to savory skewers. For a cultural dining experience, try a hot pot restaurant, where you cook your ingredients in a simmering communal pot.

Beyond its historical and gastronomic delights, Beijing is a city that vibrates with cultural energy. Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing world of Chinese opera at the Liyuan Theatre, where traditional performances showcase the beauty of ancient art forms. The 798 Art District, a thriving hub of contemporary art, offers a stark contrast, featuring avant-garde galleries and street art that reflect the city’s modern spirit.

As night falls, explore the vibrant nightlife scene in Sanlitun, where bars, clubs, and live music venues come alive. Whether you’re sipping on a craft cocktail in a rooftop bar or dancing the night away in a trendy club, Beijing’s nightlife offers something for every taste.

Intriguing, diverse, and utterly captivating, Beijing invites you to uncover its treasures, taste its flavors, and embrace the fusion of tradition and modernity that defines this dynamic city.

In Beijing, every choice you make promises a one-of-a-kind and unforgettable experience, guided by a passionate companion from Guides4me. Not only will they ensure your well-being throughout the journey, but by the trip’s end, you’ll have gained more than just a guide – you’ll have found a lifelong friend.

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