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To get the best experience in Bern you need to book one of our local friendly tour guides. They will be able to show you around, make you feel like a local. Whether you want to see the tourist sites or visit places off the beaten track and discover new experiences. Then our Guides4me guide is there to make it happen.


switzerland tour guideJonathan is 26 years old, LGBT friendly and speaks English, German and Spanish.

He first studied tourism and then started his profession in 2015. Jonathan also has a Bachelors degree in Modern Languages and Digital Communication. He is passionate about languages and loves getting to know other cultures. Jonathan will want to make you feel at home in all areas of Switzerland including Zurich, Interlaken, Lauterbrunnen, Luzern and Zermatt. Therefore make sure to book Jonathan and plan your tour together.

Total cost for the guide services of Jonathan for one day (8 hours) = a booking fee of USD 33 via Paypal, debit / credit cards, bank transfer or Crypto Currency plus USD 255 in cash to Jonathan after his services. This makes a total of USD 288.

This excludes any transport, entrance fees or any food & beverage costs.

Jonathan was friendly, polite, flexible and patient. From the moment we made contact on Whats App he was very helpful. He was eager to share his knowledge of Switzerland. We really enjoyed our day with him, so much that we booked him again. It was a very memorable way to experience Switzerland.” – John, Canada.

Our other destinations in in Switzerland are Interlaken, Lauterbrunnen, Luzern, Zermatt and Zurich.

Highlight of Bern

Bern Bliss: A Solo Symphony in the Swiss Capital

Nestled in the heart of Switzerland, Bern stands as a testament to the country’s timeless charm and cultural richness. Solo travellers, prepare to be enchanted by the cobblestone streets, medieval architecture, and vibrant atmosphere that define this Swiss capital. Join us as we unveil the highlights that make Bern an ideal canvas for solo exploration.

Stroll through the UNESCO Heritage Old Town:

Begin your solo adventure in Bern’s UNESCO-listed Old Town, a medieval wonderland of cobblestone streets and well-preserved buildings. Wander through the Zytglogge clock tower, marvel at the Federal Palace, and lose yourself in the charm of Kramgasse – the city’s main street lined with boutiques and cafes.

The Awe-Inspiring Zentrum Paul Klee:

Art aficionados, rejoice at the Zentrum Paul Klee, a modern art museum dedicated to the works of Swiss painter Paul Klee. Solo travellers can immerse themselves in Klee’s innovative creations, set against the backdrop of the Bernese Alps.

Embrace Nature at Rosengarten:

Escape the urban hustle at the Rosengarten, a beautiful rose garden offering panoramic views of Bern’s skyline. Solo explorers can relax amidst blooming flowers, enjoy a picnic, or simply soak in the breathtaking vistas of the Old Town and the River Aare.

Culinary Delights at Zunfthaus zu Metzgern:

Indulge your taste buds at Zunfthaus zu Metzgern, a historic guild house turned restaurant. Solo travellers can savor traditional Swiss cuisine in a cozy, medieval setting, complete with wooden beams and a charming courtyard.

Einstein’s Legacy at the Einstein House:

Uncover a slice of history at the Einstein House, where the renowned physicist Albert Einstein lived during his time in Bern. Solo adventurers can explore the museum, delving into Einstein’s life and the groundbreaking ideas that took shape in this humble abode.

Bern’s Lively Nightlife:

As the sun sets, Bern’s nightlife comes alive. Solo travellers can venture into the atmospheric Matte district, known for its eclectic bars and live music venues. Whether you prefer a relaxed pub or a buzzing club, Bern caters to every solo night owl.

LGBTQ+ Friendly Vibes:

Bern embraces diversity, and its LGBTQ+ scene is a testament to this inclusive spirit. Solo travellers can discover welcoming spaces in the Lorraine district, where gay-friendly bars and events contribute to Bern’s reputation as an open-minded city.

A Chocoholic’s Haven at Confiserie Teuscher:

Indulge in the Swiss passion for chocolate at Confiserie Teuscher. Solo explorers can treat themselves to exquisite Swiss chocolates, handcrafted with the finest ingredients, making for a delightful souvenir or a sweet pick-me-up during your Bern escapade.

Bern, with its blend of medieval charm, artistic treasures, and welcoming atmosphere, beckons solo travellers to a symphony of discovery. As you embark on your solo journey through this Swiss gem, let Guides4Me be your trusted companion. Our guides are experts in navigating Bern’s intricacies, ensuring your exploration is seamless and tailored to your preferences.

Choose Bern for a solo sojourn that promises culture, cuisine, and captivating moments. With Guides4Me, rest assured that your adventure in Bern will be a curated experience, with every detail taken care of for an unforgettable solo exploration.

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