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For an unparalleled experience in Seoul, secure the services of our amiable local tour guides. They excel at guiding you through the city, immersing you in the local ambiance. Whether you’re inclined towards iconic tourist spots or off-the-beaten-path discoveries, our Guides4me guides are ready to transform your preferences into reality. Feel the city’s pulse and unravel unique experiences under their expert guidance.


tour guide seoulAndrew is 58 years old, LGBT friendly and speaks English, Korean, Chinese and Japanese.

As a former diplomat with experience in the USA, Hong Kong, and China, Andrew brings a unique perspective to showcasing the vibrant city of Seoul. His deep understanding of the city’s attractions and rich cultural heritage ensures an unforgettable experience for every visitor. With Andrew as your guide, you’ll not only discover Seoul’s hidden gems but also gain valuable insights into its history and traditions. Book with confidence and let Andrew’s expertise elevate your exploration of Seoul to new heights.

Total cost for the guide services of Andrew for one day (6 hours) = a booking fee of USD 33 via Paypal, debit / credit cards, bank transfer or Crypto Currency plus USD100 for 1 guest, or USD120 for 2 guests, or USD180 for 3 guests in cash to Andrew after his services. For 4 guests or more please contact us for a quote.

This excludes any transport, tips, entrance fees or any food & beverage costs.

“It was perfect, Andrew is really one of a kind. Very educated and friendly. He made our first day here unforgettable. We would strongly recommend him.” – Anders, Italy

“Andrew was incredibly nice and took me to everything I asked to see.” – Simon, USA

“Andrew is a friendly and well educated guy, we had a great day, he made Seoul special for me. He showed me places I didn’t even know existed.” – Takeshi, Japan

Highlights of Seoul

Seoul, the vibrant capital of South Korea, beckons solo travellers with its unique blend of tradition and modernity. With a population of 9.8 million, the city pulses with energy, offering endless opportunities for exploration. Discover the awe-inspiring Gyeongbokgung Palace, a masterpiece of the Chosun dynasty nestled amidst picturesque gardens and a serene lake. Be sure to catch the captivating changing of the guard ceremony at 2 pm for a glimpse into Korea’s rich history.

Another must-visit destination is the Changdeokgung Palace. A UNESCO World Heritage Site renowned for its stunning architecture dating back six centuries. Immerse yourself in the city’s past as you explore its intricate halls and majestic gardens. For a deeper understanding of Korea’s turbulent history, visit the War Memorial of Korea, where exhibits and artifacts offer poignant insights into the nation’s journey.

Beyond its historical treasures, Seoul delights the senses with its vibrant food scene, bustling markets, and welcoming locals. Indulge in mouthwatering Korean cuisine, from savory bibimbap to crispy fried chicken, and savour the flavours of this dynamic city. As night falls, immerse yourself in Seoul’s lively nightlife and entertainment districts, where every corner reveals new adventures and experiences.

And for those seeking LGBTQ+-friendly spaces, Seoul offers a burgeoning gay scene with lively bars, clubs, and events. From cozy cocktail lounges to vibrant dance floors, discover Seoul’s inclusive spirit and embrace the city’s vibrant LGBTQ+ community.

Embark on a solo adventure in Seoul and uncover the treasures of this dynamic metropolis. With its rich history, vibrant culture, and warm hospitality, Seoul invites you to experience the best of Korea’s past and present.

Whatever you choose to do in Seoul, it will be a unique and memorable experience of a lifetime, with a Guides4me guide, who will look after you and by the end of the trip you’ve made a best friend.

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