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To get the best experience in Rwanda you need to book one of our local friendly tour guides. Who will be able to show you around, make you feel like a local. Whether you want to see the tourist sites or visit places off the beaten track and discover new experiences, then our Guides4me guide is there to make it happen.


kigali gay friendly guideTonny is 26 years old, LGBT friendly and speaks English, Kinyawana, Kiswahili and a little French.

He is a qualified car mechanic. His hobbies are outdoor activities, travel, movies, music and he loves meeting new people and learning about new cultures. If you are looking for a friendly fun loving guy who can show you the sights of Rwanda, Burundi or Uganda then you must book Tonny.

Total cost for the guide services of Tonny for one day (8 hours) = a booking fee of USD 33 via Paypal, debit / credit cards, bank transfer or Crypto Currency plus USD 80 in cash to Tonny after his services. This makes a total of USD 113.

This excludes any transport, entrance fees or any food & beverage costs.

“I spent an interesting and entertaining day of Kigali with my guide, youthful Tonny. Punctual, bright and energetic, Tony understood my interests and requirements.  I would recommend Tonny for an easy, entertaining tour of Kigali” – John, USA.

Highlights of Kigali

Discovering the Charm of Kigali: Unveiling the Gems of Rwanda’s Capital

The heart and soul of Rwanda, where vibrant culture, stunning landscapes, and warm hospitality await you. This thriving city is a tapestry of experiences, offering an incredible journey for every traveler. From captivating tourist attractions to immersive cultural encounters, let’s embark on a virtual tour of the highlights that make Kigali an enchanting destination.

Tourist Attractions and Historical Landmarks:

Kigali’s charm lies in its fusion of modernity and history. Explore the Kigali Genocide Memorial, a poignant tribute to the nation’s past and a reminder of its resilience. Immerse yourself in Rwandan art and culture at the Ivuka Arts Center and Inema Arts Center, where local artists showcase their talent. Don’t miss the beautiful Presidential Palace Museum, offering a glimpse into Rwanda’s fascinating history.

Nature’s Marvels and Viewpoints:

Nestled amidst lush hills, Kigali offers breathtaking natural beauty. Head to the stunning Mount Kigali for a panoramic view of the city’s skyline and rolling landscapes. Discover the Nyarutarama Lake, where you can enjoy a peaceful boat ride or a leisurely stroll by the serene waters. Nature enthusiasts will find solace at the Nyamirambo Urban Wetland, a haven for birdwatchers and eco-lovers.

Cultural Encounters and Local Life:

In Kigali, immerse yourself in the warm embrace of Rwandan culture. Visit the Kimironko Market, a bustling hub of local life and a treasure trove of traditional crafts and fabrics. Engage with the locals, learn about Rwandan traditions, and savor the delectable flavors of Rwandan cuisine, such as brochettes and ugali.

Vibrant Nightlife and Inclusive Vibes:

As the sun sets, Kigali comes alive with its vibrant nightlife. Dance to the rhythm of East African beats at local bars and clubs like Papyrus, where you can mingle with both locals and fellow travelers. Kigali’s inclusive atmosphere extends to its LGBTQ+ community, with welcoming venues like the Ikaramba Night Club celebrating diversity and acceptance.

Gastronomic Delights:

Kigali is a gastronomic haven, offering a delightful fusion of African and international flavors. Sample the hearty Rwandan dishes like Isombe and Nyama Choma, and indulge in the rich Rwandan coffee culture at cozy cafes. Foodies will relish the diverse culinary landscape that Kigali has to offer.

Kigali, with its warm embrace and captivating attractions, is a destination like no other. At Guides4me, we’re thrilled to offer personalized tours that cater to your interests, ensuring you experience the best of this beautiful city. From exploring historical landmarks and viewpoints to immersing yourself in local culture, nightlife, and culinary delights, Kigali promises an enriching journey that lingers in your heart. So come, let’s discover the charm of Kigali, uncovering the hidden gems of Rwanda’s captivating capital. Get ready for a travel experience filled with wonder, cultural encounters, and cherished memories. Kigali awaits your visit!

Whatever you choose to do in Kigali, it will be a unique and memorable experience of a lifetime, with a Guides4me guide, who will look after you and by the end of the trip you’ve made a best friend.

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