Our private tours offer a unique and personalized experience

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Going on holiday on your own?
Why not explore the country with a local friendly guide.  They love to share their knowledge with you and by the end of the trip you’ve made a best friend. 


Want to see things that other tourists don’t?
Don’t want to be part of a group?
Our friendly local guides will create a private tour that is personal to you.


Wouldn’t it be nice if you had someone
to look after you? To make
sure you have a safe trip.
Someone who spoke your
language, but who was local.

We currently offer 156 Worldwide Destinations in 58 Worldwide Countries.

Albania | Tirana | Angola | Luanda | Lubango | Namibe | Argentina | Buenos Aires | Austria | Vienna | Bangladesh | Dhaka | Brazil | Ilha De Itamaraca | Joao Pessoa | Manaus | Natal | Novo Airao | Parintins | Pipa Beach | Recife | Rio de Janeiro | Sao Paolo | TamandareBulgaria | Burgas | NesebarRila & 7 Lakes | Sofia | Sunny Beach | Varna |Veliko TarnovoBurundi | Bujumbura | Cambodia | Angkor Wat | Phnom Penh | Siem Reap | Chile | Santiago | Valparaiso |Colombia | Barranquilla | Bogota | Bucaramanga | Cabo de la Vela | Cartagena | Leticia | Medellin | San Gil | Santa Cruz del Islote  | Santa Marta | Croatia | Dubrovnik | Split | Dominican Republic | Santo Domingo |Ecuador | Quito | Egypt | Alexandria | Aswan | Cairo | Hurghada | Luxor | France | Paris | Georgia | Tbilisi | Greece | Aegina | Athens | Hungary | Budapest | Iceland | Reykjavik | India | Agra | Bodhgaya | Chennai | Goa | Jaipur | Jodhpur | Lucknow | Mumbai | New Delhi | Prayagraj | Udaipur | Varanasi | Indonesia | Bali | Jakarta | Jamaica | Kingston | Jordan | Amman | Kazakhstan | Almaty | Kosovo | Pristina | Kyrgyzstan | Bishkek | Laos | Luang Prabang | Pakse | Malaysia | Kuala Lumpur | Penang | Mexico | Guadalajara | Mexico City | Mongolia | Ulaanbaatar | Morocco | Casablanca | Marrakesh | Meknes | Merzouga | Rabat | Myanmar | Inle | Mandalay | Yangon | NepalKathmandu | Nicaragua | Granada | Managua | Norway | Oslo | Oman | Muscat | Pakistan | Gilgit-Balistan | Hunza | Islamabad | Karachi | Lahore | Peshawar | Skardu | Peru | Lima | Philippines | Bohol | Cebu | Manila | Palawan | Portugal | Lisbon | Qatar | Doha | Romania | Brasov | Bucharest | Rwanda | Kigali | Singapore | Singapore | South Africa | Cape Town |  Johannesburg | South Korea | Seoul | Spain | Barcelona | Madrid | Sitges | Sri Lanka | Colombo | EllaGalle | Jaffna | Kandy | Negombo | Nuwara Eliya | Taiwan | Taipei | Tanzania | Dar Es Salaam | Zanzibar | Thailand | Bangkok | Chiang Mai | Hua Hin |Koh Samet | Pattaya | Turkey | Cappadocia | Cesme | Ephesus | Istanbul | Izmir | Kusadasi | Pamukkale | Sirince | Uganda | Kampala | United Arab Emirates | Abu Dhabi | Dubai | United Kingdom | Aberdeen | Edinburgh |London | Uruguay | Montevideo | Vietnam | Con Dao | Da Nang | Ha Long Bay | Hanoi | Ho Chi Minh | Ninh Binh | Phu Quoc | Sapa    

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On our tours you will see a mix of famous sights and hidden gems
that others miss, or don’t even know about.
We want you to experience a country, not merely observe it.
Our guides will take you closer to its culture and people.
You will come home having seen and experienced the country in a way
that other travellers might never have.

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Our Latest Guest Experiences

gay friendly tour guides jakarta

Allan in Jakarta

Everything was great in Jakarta. Allan is a very dedicated and reliable guide! Allan did a very good job.

We both enjoyed the time in Jakarta together.
Definitely will recommend your services as it made it easier experiencing Indonesia.

Xavier, Switzerland

Doha gay friendly guide

Pavan in Doha

My trip to Pakistan and Qatar was amazing. What beautiful countries and such friendly guides.
I used Manzoor in Lahore, Waqas in Islamabad and Pavan in Doha.
I have used Guides4me many times now and have always had the best experience possible.
John USA

budapest gay friendly guide

Mirabbos in Budapest

Mirabbos was amazing. Very nice, very friendly and very knowledgeable. We had a great time with him going to the sites in Budapest.

Definitely will use your services again and recommend to all our friends.

Jose and friends, USA

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gay friendly tour guides jakarta

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