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For an unparalleled experience in Malaga, secure the services of our amiable local tour guides. They excel at guiding you through the city, immersing you in the local ambiance. Whether you’re inclined towards iconic tourist spots or off-the-beaten-path discoveries, our Guides4me guides are ready to transform your preferences into reality. Feel the city’s pulse and unravel unique experiences under their expert guidance.


madrid tour guideJavier is 38 years old, LGBT friendly and speaks English and Spanish.

He lives in Madrid and has been a part time tour guide since 2008. Javier wears many different hats as he is an architect, and engineer and believe it or not, a commercial airline pilot as well. He loves travelling and getting to know new people and new places.  He can’t wait to share Spanish culture with you. So explore Spain with Javier and witness its hidden treasures like a local would and not just a tourist. 

Total cost for the guide services of Javier for one day (8 hours) = a booking fee of 33 Euro by Paypal, debit / credit cards, bank transfer or Crypto Currency plus 80 Euro in cash to Javier after his services. This makes a total of 113 Euro.

This excludes any transport, entrance fees or any food & beverage costs. He has his own car so you can explore further afield with him in the comfort of his car, just ask for a price. Also there may be an additional fee as Javier needs to travel to this city as he is normally based in Madrid. You will be advised at the time of the booking, if this applies.

“We spent 3 interesting days visiting 2 unique cities with Javier and it was fantastic. He was friendly, knowledgable and energetic. We would highly recommend Guides4me and Javier.” – Paul, Canada.

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Highlights of Málaga

Historic Treasures

Begin your journey in the heart of the city at the Alcazaba, a fortress dating back to the 11th century. Explore its winding pathways and take in panoramic views of Málaga. Nearby, the Gibralfaro Castle offers a step back in time and stunning vistas of the city and the Mediterranean.

Artistic Marvels of Malaga

Málaga, the birthplace of Picasso, is a haven for art enthusiasts. The Picasso Museum showcases the evolution of the maestro’s work, while the Centre Pompidou Málaga, a vibrant cube by the port, brings contemporary art to the forefront. Wander through the streets adorned with colourful murals and street art, capturing the city’s artistic spirit.

Cultural Ambiance

Immerse yourself in Málaga’s vibrant culture by strolling through the charming Old Town. Visit the Cathedral, a masterpiece of Spanish Renaissance architecture, and explore the bustling Mercado de Atarazanas, a market filled with local delights. Don’t miss the Roman Theatre, a historical gem hidden amidst the modern city.

Seaside Serenity

Málaga’s coastline offers solace and relaxation. Solo travellers can unwind at La Malagueta Beach, soaking up the Mediterranean sun. The picturesque promenade, Paseo del Parque, provides a tranquil escape, surrounded by lush greenery and exotic plants.

Culinary Delights of Malaga

Embark on a gastronomic journey in Málaga’s tapas bars. Plaza de la Merced is a bustling hub where you can savor local delicacies. Try the famed espetos de sardinas (grilled sardines) at a beachside chiringuito. For a sweet finish, indulge in traditional churros with chocolate.

Nightlife Extravaganza

As the sun sets, Málaga comes alive with a vibrant nightlife. Solo travellers can explore the bars in the Pedregalejo area, known for its beachside ambiance. Calle Larios, the main street in the city center, is lined with lively bars and clubs, perfect for a night of music and dancing.

LGBTQ+ Inclusivity

Málaga’s inclusive spirit extends to its LGBTQ+ scene. The Soho district is a hub of LGBTQ+ culture, featuring welcoming bars and clubs. The city hosts an annual LGBTQ+ Pride parade, adding to the vibrancy of Málaga’s diverse community.

Unique Experiences of Malaga

For a unique solo adventure, take a hike up Mount Calamorro via the cable car for panoramic views of the coast. Explore the Botanical Gardens, a hidden oasis in the city, or take a day trip to the charming village of Mijas, known for its whitewashed buildings and donkey taxis.

Málaga, with its blend of history, art, and lively culture, is a solo traveller’s paradise. Guides4me is your trusted companion, ensuring you uncover the hidden gems and unique experiences that Málaga has to offer. So, pack your bags, and let the warmth of Málaga and the thrill of solo exploration be your guide through the enchanting highlights of this Spanish coastal gem!

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